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Revocation of judgment

avocat qui prend des notes dans un livre avec un client

Legal assistance for revocation of judgment

If you have been found guilty by default of a ticket, it is possible to request the reopening of your file if, for a valid reason, you were unable to contest the request within the time limit or if you were unable to appear on the day of your hearing. For example, you may never have received the notice of hearing or the Court may never have received your plea of not guilty. If you are in this situation, contact us.

The services included in this package:

  • File opening
  • Consultation with a lawyer
  • Drafting of documents
  • Stay of execution, if necessary*

$250 + taxes

Contact us

*Additional fees of $50 apply

This package does not include trial fees or any other legal procedure, as every file is unique. When you will have your consultation with the lawyer, he will suggest an optimal course of action and you can decide together which next steps are best for you, along with associated fees. Don’t forget to send us any document or notice of hearing you may receive relating to your file as soon as possible.