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Prevention and awareness: our top priorities

SOS Ticket encourages drivers to adopt responsible and safe driving. Our mission is carried out through information and education.

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Are your demerit points and driver's lience jeopardized?

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Popular questions

You can plead not guilty by answering the form that was given to you with the statement. You are not obliged to give justifications and it is even risky to do so because it could be used against you.

It is recommended to write the mention "I request the disclosure of the proof" in the form in order to obtain the proof against you in the file. This will facilitate the process later. You will be able to transfer it all to our representatives at the opening of the file.

Make a copy of the form, send it so that it is received within 30 days of its issuance and wait the notice from the Court informing you of the time and place of your hearing.

Your demerit points are detailed in your driving record. To read it, it's very simple and it's done by making the request online on the following link:

Request a copy of my driving record

You can then send for our lawyers to advise you:

Two years from the time you plead guilty to the offenses. However, for excessive speeding, registration remains for 10 years from that time.

It is worthwhile to contest a ticket only when there is a valid reason to believe that the law has not been respected, that the techniques used by the police officer are not in accordance with the law, or that you simply did not commit the offense for which you are charged. It is not every ticket that can be contested, and we do not encourage to do so unless the circumstances are appropriate. For example, the legal costs must be worth it in relation to the points and the fine that are at stake. Call us to find out more about your particular situation, it will be our pleasure to direct you.

You do not have to give justifications and it is even risky to do so because it could be used against you.

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"To err is

A famous quote that does not prevent human error from having serious consequences sometimes...

Considering that each case is unique and deserves to be heard, SOS Ticket takes the time to analyze the context of each offense, its objective seriousness as well as its impact in the life of the person who committed it.

In fact, it is this approach that explains why for over 13 years, thousands of drivers have trusted SOS Ticket to assert their rights.

Encouraging motorists to adopt a safe and responsible way to drive, prevention and awareness are at the heart of our priorities.

Our ultimate Mission?

Helping you keeping a clean driving record and ... Not seeing you again too often!

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